Get To Know Lofoten

Get To Know Lofoten

Precisely Built for Precision.

Lofoten watch is a watch brand that was founded in 2011 and until now, we make quality watches to meet the needs of many people. Watch has become a necessity for many people and Lofoten is here to fulfill it with quality materials such as Japanese movement technology, saphire glass and stainless steel on its straps. Lofoten watches are spread across several countries such as China, Taiwan, Malaysia and Indonesia.

As the country's oldest Swiss Scandinavian watchmaker, Lofoten are inspired to create beautiful watches designs with the best quality material by combining technology and design. We believe that there are no limits to make things better and we always improvise to maintain quality of Lofoten Watches.

We care about our customer, every watch we give 1 year of guarantee. Guarantee claims and service centers can be made by calling our customer service at 021-3453827 or via Whatsapp at 0888-177-2377

Or you can visit our official outlet directly.

Time Kingdom

Ruko Atrium Senen

Block F No.33

Central Jakarta 10410

Operational hours :

Monday - Saturday

09.00 - 16.00 WIB